12 Aug 2018

FoRDW & FoSH object to proposed K1 Development

FoRDW and FoSH have decided to object to the proposed six story, 84 flat K1 development at Roberts Close which will greatly impact the Local Nature Reserve and its users


Friends of Russia Dock Woodland and Friends of Stave Hill have made the decision to submit a joint objection to Southwark Council against the K1 development proposed by British Land at Roberts Close. The current proposal is a six story building containing 84 flats which boarders the woodland and ecology park. We feel that the scale, and the density of units within the proposed building will adversely impact the woodland ecology and in turn its users, and are asking for the development to be scaled down to fit in with the suburban layout of the local area.

You can find the objection letter which raises all our concerns regarding the development proposal at the following links:

FoRDW and FoSH K1 Objection Letter 1 of 3

FoRDW and FoSH K1 Objection Letter 2 of 3

FoRDW and FoSH K1 Objection Letter 3 of 3