02 Feb 2017

AGM 2016 Minutes

Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Russia Dock Woodland held on 2nd February, 2017, in the Docklands Settlement.



Steve Cornish (SC), John Wills (JW) Rebekah Clark (RC), Anne Chadborn (AnneC) John Taylor (JT), Andrea Pitta (AP), Andy Chatterton (AC), Clare Street (CS), Sophia Holder.

The meeting commenced at 19.20


Alan Chadborn, Andrew Doyle & Kath Whittam

The minute of the 2016 AGM were read & approved with the addition of a point made by JT that a plaques should be put up commemorating the designer of the Woodland

Matters arising

AnneC asked for the cost of the Celtic Stones. SC said that they had cost an average of £700 each

Election of Officers

John Taylor stood the existing Committee down. John Wills was not seeking re-election as Secretary. SC was nominated for Chair and seconded. He was re-elected unanimously. Clare Street was proposed as Secretary& seconded by John Taylor & Anne Chadborn; she was elected unanimously. John Wills was proposed & seconded for the position of Vice-Chair & elected unanimously.

The post of Treasurer remained vacant since Ben Dewhurst moved away. RK has been doing the job pro-tem which presents a conflict of interests.

JW offered to take on the post and was proposed by JT, seconded by AnneC and elected. RK raised the point that the committee had previously approved a motion to change the banking mandate. This was again proposed by AP and seconded by AnneC.

Report from the London Borough of Southwark

Andy Chatterton gave the following report:

Russia Dock Woodland 2016 AGM – 2nd February 2017

Manager’s Report

Grounds Maintenance Contract

  • Some questions have been asked recently about the contract that was awarded to Quadron/idverde in October 2016 following the completion of the tender evaluation process and the contractor has very kindly provided a full response accordingly.
  • Who are Idverde? - In 2016, Quadron Services merged with The Landscape Group to form idverde UK. The two companies are now fully integrated, creating one, truly outstanding provider of green services to both public and private sector clients. Idverde UK has a turnover of approximately £80M and an employs over 1,600 permanent staff. The company maintains 100 Green Flag sites on behalf of its clients and has delivered over 80 British Association of Landscape Industries Awards in partnership with its clients.
  • In Southwark, our staff, uniforms, and vehicle livery has been rebranded to Quadron idverde to reflect this change. However, the management team is unchanged and is therefore the same Quadron Services team which has been in place for several years. There will therefore be consistency in our relationship with Southwark Council and the legacy benefits will be retained. 
  • What they can add to parks management – as idverde also have local contracts at The Olympic Park, Regents Park, Bromley, Merton and Sutton and soon to be in Camden we have a greater network as a business.
  • What changes we can expect – the logo on the vehicles and uniform is the only change from Quadron. 
  • Can we have assurances that our excellent young Quadron Seasonal Worker, Bradley, will once again be employed on 1st March 2017 as of previous years? Yes, this is correct


The deteriorating condition of Alfred Salter / St John’s and Albion footbridges was brought to our attention early in November 2016 and following a site meeting with representatives from Asset Management, it was agreed that the bridges should be fully inspected as soon as possible.

Principal Inspection Reports were then produced for the condition of each bridge and whilst there were some areas of concern, it was agreed that all of the bridges could all remain open for the time being providing that their condition was monitored on a monthly basis for the next three months and that a full feasibility study was undertaken during that time.

Asset Management will be holding a workshop in the near future to review the various options for the bridge works, in order to take this forward as soon as possible.

Aquifer Pump / Borehole

Work on the project is progressing well and we have established that we do not require planning permission for the replacement borehole. We are currently finalising the contract arrangements and evaluating the results of the Divining surveys. If all goes to plan we could have a contractor on site in late February or early in March.

Dual Purpose Bins

Asset Management have recently installed another 10/12 bins and the intention is to replace all of the remaining ones as and when the budget permits.

Metal Benches

The remedial works to restore the metal benches will resume as soon as the weather conditions improve.

That concluded the Report. JT said that woodland was very well maintained & it was a pleasure to walk through it. AC said the staff was passionate about the woodland. SC showed a picture of Lavender Pond and how it was. A borehole was being provided from CGS (Cleaner, Greener, Safer) funds. RC said that in the woodland a new borehole would replace the existing one which was badly sited.

Treasurers Report

RK distributed copies of the accounts. JT noted the contribution into funds from the now defunct DDC (Downtown Defence Campaign)

The Rain Shelter

SC reported that the site will be by the weir/stepping stones on the raised area there. The idea for a shelter had come from Bob, a dog-walker, over 2½ years ago. Designs have been drawn up with a wooden roof covered in sedums. Three back-to-back benches will be installed (courtesy of Sellars). All has been paid for and work will start hopefully in the Spring.SC said he would like to call it “Bob’s Shelter”

The Sustainable Urban Drainage Scheme (SUDS) on Quebec Way site

SC said the system leaves by the side of Alfred Salter School by the side of the path. Blocks A & B will drain into 5 pits down to Onega Gate via a pen-stock arrangement. The entry to the new Quebec Way site will be locked at night. Work will commence in August 2017. Some temporary fencing has been put up but this will be replaced in palaces by a natural wall 10m long. There will be 3 of these sections. RC said that the remaining fences would soon become naturally covered.

Sellars Section 106 money

Sellars had placed £165k in the Project Bank. £100k will be spent on new concrete paths. The first section is expected to be completed by 24th February.

Old Fisher Athletic site

The council have overruled the name we wanted to call it ~ which had more connections to Jonathan Swift ~ and it will now be called Mayflower Park.

Report from Rebekah Clark

RC ran through the printed report she had distributed to the meeting. She was pleased to report that lots of volunteers have already committed to this year.

Any other business

SC said that the group known as Green Connections 106 had now been joined by Friends of Southwark Park. It looked likely that the new Rotherhithe Bridge will go ahead so the planners & builders participation in deciding the green routes leading up to it will b important.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 21.05.

The 2017 AGM will be held in September